Your Guides & Your Messages Workshop

Saturday 7th July 2018 BOOKING CLOSED

10am - 5.00pm. Central London.  Tea & coffee. Lunch not included.


A workshop to understand and develop your abilities to connect to your Guides and receive messages yourself. For the first time Paul will teach about these new approaches, techniques and activations. In addition Paul will provide specialist attuned crystals to help participants. Areas of study include. 

Dream visions

Paul will also help participants to identify their own personal guides and how to meet new guides. 

We will also explore psychic abilities to understand and manage these sensitivities. 

This workshop recommended to anyone who has attended my channeling workshops and courses as it will provide new material to help. 

Newcomers to this subject are also welcome.   

FREE CRYSTALS if you make your booking payment online before 15th June.

DEADLINE For those who book before 15th June I will give them the workshop activation crystals for free. If you book after this date then you will have to buy these  on the day. 


Booking your place

You will need to book your place in advance by making an online payment below. The cost is £75. Tickets are not  available on the door. Payments cannot be refunded for any reason.


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