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Healing, Star seed, Ascension & Newage workshops

The Workshops - London

  Powerful, profound and illuminating workshops for Healers, Light Workers, Star Seeds and Ascension Seekers. Working with Ascended Masters, Celestial and Star energies Paul facilitates high level, topical and unique workshops. He is one of the most popular new age teachers and channels and he has given over 250 workshop worldwide over the last 12 years.  Workshops include live channeling, personal readings, presentations, energetic attunements and productive meditations.  Paul teaches in such a way that participants are encouraged to have their own personal experiences and relationship to the subject matter. This encourages a fuller understanding and it is empowering. There is an emphasis on connecting to the highest levels of spiritual energies which brings about accelerated growth, learning and healing. Although the content of the workshops is ambitious, Paul avoids unnecessary use of spiritual jargon and seeks to make complex subjects accessible through simple explanations and especially via demonstrations. As such newcomers to these subjects are always welcome. A unique feature of the workshops is that Paul often gives personal and relevant channeled information to the participants. This can be very productive and fascinating.  High level energetic activations and attunements are also a feature and for many these are the highlight of the workshop.

Paul McCarthy

 Paul McCarthy is a channel for the Ascended Masters, Star and Celestial beings. The new age workshops contain personal insights from Paul's own experiences as well as information channeled within the hundreds of readings that he has given.  He is also an International workshop leader having given over 250 workshops in the US and Europe over the last 12 years.  He has trained 1000's of spiritual seekers worldwide within his courses and workshops. 

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Paul McCarthy


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